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Barry Unger

Mr. Unger was born in Hungary. He belongs to the new school of explosive experts, having learned his handicraft the safe way - in the classroom. He dealt with explosives among other things, including the theory of firebomb attacks as well as electrical and switching logic. He also participated in fitness training and in the swimmimg team (with little success).

Click here to hear Barry Unger (sorry in German).

My Rating: Average

My Opinion: He seems like a good merc, alittle low in the Marksmanship though. Cheap Explosives Expert.

Name Barry Unger
Nickname Barry
Health 82
Agility 72
Leadership 29
Dexterity 87
Strength 80
Wisdom 91
Medical 20
Explosives 92
Mechanical 44
Marksmanship 70
Level 2
Day $1400
Per Week $6700
2 Weeks $11,000
Medical Dep. $0

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