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Jagged Alliance 2 HeadQuaters

This page was last updated on June 5, 2000


06-5-2000 Im back, I just started playing JA2 again, and am trying to get my skills back for "Unfinished Business". If you havent seen it check it out at the Unfinished Business section.

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Welcome to the Jagged Alliance 2 HQ. Most of whats here you have probably seen, across the internet, but hey we all can look can't we?

If you are looking for a web board to post about JA2, try out TerraVirtua's Forum. My Alias is "Just another JA Freak", drop me a line if you see me.

Also if you want the Latest news for JA2 Check out Talonsofts homepage for updates and a message board.

Dont know what JA2 is? Check out

Comment, Complaint, Suggestion? Drop me a line at

Jagged Alliance, Jagged Alliance Deadly Games, and Jagged Alliance 2, are all registered trademaks of Sir-tech Canada. "Just another JA Freak" is my trademark, wtf? Why are you reading this? :)

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